Efficient product development, prototyping, and manufacturing for inventors, startups, and small to mid-sized companies.

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Are you open to an alternative to the traditional, over-priced design and development firm model? Product QuickStart delivers experience-driven product design and development services in a cost-efficient, streamlined way. Our services are specifically geared toward small to mid-sized companies, startups, inventor-entrepreneurs, and larger organizations that still embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to helping you launch your next product!

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Innovation Marketplace

Product QuickStart develops real products for the real world.  Unlike many other product development firms that proudly show pretty pictures of product CONCEPTS, we develop ACTUAL products that reach the market.  Check out the innovation marketplace for links where you can purchase products we’ve developed.  Contact us, and let’s get your product developed and added to this list too!

Product QuickStart's Services

We are here to provide as much, or as little, help as you need.

What will it take to manufacture your product?  What can be improved?  Find out with a strategic advisory session…   

We can help you build the vision of what your product will achieve.  Excite your prospective customers and investors…

With our prototypes, clients have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovations in a very real, very powerful way…

Our Industrial Designers have worked on a broad range of projects, from medical equipment to cars.  We start with rapid hand visualization concepts and move quickly to 3D CAD models…  

Our highly experienced engineers  bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to make the product development process as smooth as possible for you…

Product QuickStart builds robust supply chains for our clients through a network of hundreds of vetted, audited suppliers…

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Product Development News

Product QuickStart is heavily involved in the product development and invention community. Learn more below.

RescueBiner is now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! Check out the life-saving innovation Product QuickStart developed for our client, Longtail Designs.

Product QuickStart podcasts: Product Genius with Tiffany Krumins
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Our efficiency approach means lower costs and faster projects.

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