Successful Crowdfunding Requires a Strong Plan

Brandon T. Adams is a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”, inventor, and crowdfunding expert. Founder of the University of Young Entrepreneurs, Brandon is an authority on crowdfunding who has ‘been there, and done that’. Mr. Adams successfully funded a product on Kickstarter, and has worked through the steps of product design and development, marketing, and manufacturing.

Brandon is passionate about helping others with creating something great and becoming unforgettable. The goal of the University of Young Entrepreneurs is to give helpful tips on how to become successful in life and share insights from the most successful Entrepreneurs and Inspirational people in the World.

In the same week his book “Keys to the Crowd: Unlocking the POWER of Crowdfunding” became available for purchase on, Brandon T. Adams has been featured as the cover subject in Inventors Digest magazine. The magazine hit newsstands on July 12 and includes a lengthy article about Adams’ journey in getting his first invention, Arctic Stick, to market.

The article also includes information about Adams’ lobbying efforts in support of inventors and intellectual property rights. Adams has been involved in cautioning legislators about passing the Innovation Act, which will impact patent rights.