Your Product Development Process

Thank you for your interest in Product QuickStart. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and start-ups create new products, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you.

We would like to know how far along you are in the product development process. This will help us to determine the best types of services to provide as we work with you toward a successful product launch.


Developing and launching a new product generally requires a significant amount of funding. This funding is necessary to cover the development costs associated with research, design, engineering, and prototyping. Additionally, there are costs associated with manufacturing ramp up, building inventory, shipping and distribution, as well as marketing and sales.

Please note that Product QuickStart is not an investment or venture capital firm, though we do offer a variety of services that can help start-ups as they seek investors.

Many products are protected by formal intellectual property in the form of patents. Some are protected by design patents, which basically reserve the rights to the specific appearance of a product, while others are protected by utility patents which protect the function of the product. Other products are not patented at all, and others carry a 'patent pending' designation which means that a patent, or provisional patent has been applied for, but not issued.

It is generally a good idea to search the market for products that are similar in purpose, function, or design to the product you are contemplating. Sometimes this search reveals opportunities to further improve the concept you are developing. Additionally, product searches can uncover additional unmet needs that your new product might address.

Before you launch a product into the market place, it is a good idea to form a legal business entity. Such an entity does not, necessarily, need to be formed in early stages of development, but Product JumpStart recommends forming one as soon as you are comfortable doing so.

Product QuickStart works with entrepreneurs and companies at many stages of product development. Some are just starting the process, and their ideas are 'napkin sketches'. Others already have products on the market and are looking to make improvements or create 2nd generation products. We would be happy to discuss your project, at any stage.

Product QuickStart is here to provide as much, or as little help as you need. So as we can best prepare for a call or meeting with you, please help us understand the types of services you might need us to help you with. Please select all that apply. It's okay if you aren't sure yet.

Many entrepreneurs work alone. Others have surrounded themselves with partners, advisors, or investors. Help us understand what your team is like.

Of the people that are 'invested' in your project, what skills do they have that are relevant to launching this product to the market?

Product Quickstart works with a wide variety of clients. Some are serial entrepreneurs who have launched several businesses. Others are brand new to business and have never launched a business before. Help us understand your level of experience.

Many inventions start with people who are experts in the field of the invention, while others originate with people who notice opportunities in fields they have less experience with. Help us understatnd your level of experience or expertise with the field of your invention.