Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions...We've Got Answers.

We are certainly happy to talk to you regarding any questions you may have. Several of the questions we are asked most often are cataloged here. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.
We LOVE smaller and early stage companies! It’s a thrill for us to be part of something new and exciting. With smaller companies, we usually get to work closely with decision-makers who are passionate about their businesses. Birthing brand new innovations and new companies into the world is one of the key reasons we got into this business to start with. Early stage companies are fast-paced and passionate about what they are doing, and we love being part of that start-up energy. After all, we are entrepreneurs ourselves, and we are passionate about our business!
Product QuickStart is not a venture capital firm or a funding source. We provide services for a reasonable fee. Many of our clients engage us to create product renderings, project plans, costing analyses, and similar collateral which they use in their investor fundraising presentations or crowdfunding campaigns.

The Product QuickStart team has been developing and launching products for decades. We have developed products for hundreds of companies, including start-ups, mid-sized companies, and a number of very well respected brands. Our team’s clients have included Black & Decker, Arm & Hammer, the Coca Cola Company, Procter & Gamble, Georgia Pacific, Craftsman, and Playtex to name just a few.

There are as many answers to that question as there are products in the world.  Many factors affect the cost of reaching the market:  How complex is the product?  How exotic are the materials?  How certain is the technology the product is based on?  How much inventory will be needed at the launch?  Reaching the market with inventory can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or it can cost millions of dollars depending on the answers to these and other questions.  Product QuickStart is here to help you understand the budget you will need before you invest large amounts of money, or set unreasonable expectations with your investors or backers.

Product QuickStart has confidential relationships with investors looking for new product ideas and businesses.  Typically these investors and investor groups have very specific profiles for the types of companies and ideas that they are interested in reviewing.   If you are interested in being a part of our investor network, please contact us.

Absolutely.  In fact, now is a great time for us to help you.  A good place to start is a consultation session, in which we can help you map out a path forward, and prioritize your next steps.  Consultation is a low cost way to see if it is prudent to spend more time and money pursuing your concept.

We are here to provide as much, or as little, help as our clients need on their path to a successful product launch.  Even if you already have a prototype built, a robust business plan developed, and investors lined up, Product QuickStart can be a great resource for you.  Our development and manufacturing services are streamlined for early stage companies, meaning we work to maximize the efficiency of your budget and your schedule throughout the product development and launch process. Sometimes we are engaged by clients who already have products on the market, to help them improve those products, find better suppliers, and create the next generation of products.

Of course.  While our business model is largely focused on the needs of small to mid-sized companies, we recognize that even some larger companies embrace an efficient, entrepreneurial spirit.  If you are looking for an efficient, streamlined product development process, we are happy to consider your project.

That depends on many factors. How complex is your product? Does it involve electronics? Is it a simple toy or a bomb detector? Even products in the same family can take different lengths of time to get to the market. For someone doing this for the first time we encourage patience so that nothing is overlooked or compromised trying to take short cuts. The process is very detailed and we have been through it hundreds of times with a wide variety of products.

We can certainly help you with that. If you need us to, the Product QuickStart team can come along side you and help you to get a clear view of the way ahead and coach you through the process. For many this is uncharted territory, but, for us, it is very familiar ground that we have traversed for years. We would be happy to provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to get you to your goal.  If we aren’t the best fit for your project, we can probably connect you with someone who can help.

We create models and prototypes to meet a number of different purposes and needs. We can provide you with a simple static shape model that can demonstrate to someone the basic size and shape of your product. We can make a static model that looks like the real deal but may not function as a production unit would, or we can make a model that is fully functional to show the efficacy of your design. Prototyping costs typically depend on the level of complexity and functional completeness desired. We have made models and prototypes as simple as coffee mugs and as complex as training hand grenades.

This is part of what we offer as a full service ‘turnkey’ operation. We can help take you from a bare product idea through to having your product in a fulfillment warehouse ready to ship. Product QuickStart can connect you with a local fulfillment operation here in Georgia that will store your product for a nominal fee and ship one or a million of your products all over the globe. We help you become an ‘ethereal’ company so you don’t have to bear the expense of owning or leasing a ‘brick and mortar’ building or buying a fork lift and hiring a crew to handle your stock. This way you can focus on growing your business and not on the day to day complications of running a product company.

We do what we do very well.  But, we don’t do everything!  Product QuickStart does not directly provide the following services, but we can help connect you with other resources as needed:

  • Patents and Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Marketing or advertising services
  • Logos, trademarks, copyrights or branding
  • Product placement
  • Website design
  • Laboratory testing
  • Development of Class 2 and Class 3 medical devices
  • Financial feasibility or modeling