Celebrating an Entrepreneur Success Story

I first met Jared Rabin and his wife, Karina, at an event for inventor-entrepreneurs in Des Moines, Iowa. They were in the process of developing a new product concept to make it easier for people to align, level, and hang picture frames. The Rabins’ passion for their new idea was obvious, and almost infectious. It was clear that the idea was born out of personal experiences and frustrations (a source for many excellent products), and that they were driven to get the product to the market.

I liked the concept that Jared and Karina were pursuing, and I liked their drive and passion. So, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with them to design and develop their product. But, like most other inventor-entrepreneurs, the Rabins’ path to market was neither simple nor quick, and there were many turns along the way. Like most of us, Jared and Karina have a lot of other stuff going on, besides just getting a start-up off the ground: young kids, day jobs, etcetera.

Unlike many, however, the Rabins stuck with it. They persevered all the trials and challenges that launching an invention start-up threw at them. And, I’m very pleased that the Hang-O-Matic has successfully reached the market!

Per their press release, “Hang-O-Matic was created because the inventors found it nearly impossible to hang a picture or a shelf on the wall without it being crooked. Co-Founder Karina Rabin says, ‘After moving so many times, I was trying to tackle hanging my wall décor on my own. After puncturing my newly painted walls I figured there had to be a better way to hang pictures.’

Hang-O-Matic measures the distance between two holes on the back of a photo, frame, or other item to be hung. Then, leveled on the wall and with a firm press on both ends, the device marks two perfect points on the wall. This easy three-step process no longer requires additional tools or the arms of an octopus, because it’s now a job that one person can do in a snap and hang anything perfectly every time.

“With Hang-O-Matic, we learned quickly you can hang a picture, a shelf, a mirror, TV mounts, or artwork without any effort and our walls are nice and clean,” declares Ms. Rabin. ‘Yours can be too.’”

It’s fantastic when we see our client’s launch their start-up businesses. We at Product QuickStart wish Jared and Karina much success, and we look forward to helping them with their next great product concept!

Hang-O-Matic is available through WalMart, the Home Depot, Lowes, Brookstone, Amazon, and other retailers. For more information, please visit www.hangomatic.com.

Images used with permission of Hang-O-Matic.