Innovation Marketplace

We love it when products we develop reach the market! We're also a little surprised by how many of our "competitors" have trouble pointing to actual products they've launched successfully. Check out the products below, and order some for yourself.

Nasoni Faucet

Da Vinci, the World's First Fountain Faucet

By uniting form with function, Nasoni designed Da Vinci to transform the way you experience water every day. With just a flip of a lever, the traditional spout becomes a magnificent arc of pure, clean water to make simple routines as effortless as they should be.


CareAlert by Sensorscall

CES 2020 Innovation Award  winner.  The best gift you can give  Mom and Dad. Stay in touch with parents and senior loved ones, know that they are okay and get notified of a potential problem.  Get peace of mind with the best technology available for in-home senior care and monitoring, with  privacy and freedom.

Dr. Sally's

Dr. Sally's Oral Hygiene Products

Experience gentle, effective cleaning every time you brush with soft-but-strong bristles.  Dr. Sally puts her professional expertise into every brush.  Your family will love them.  Dr. Sally’s subscription service is perfect for busy moms (or dads).  After all, she is one.  We know we can help you streamline your family’s oral care.  Give it a shot.  Who doesn’t want one less thing to worry about?

Twinstar Standing Desk

Twinstar Adjustable Height Desk

Make healthy choices and enjoy the most innovative work space for an active life with furniture that moves the way you do. This modern and multifunctional adjustable height desk features a height range from 29.4” to 47”, and three programmable height settings, selectable with the Illumitouch™ seamless control panel on the ergonomic glass top.

DoorBell Boa

The Doorbell Boa

The Doorbell Boa is a great tool for consumers who reside in apartments, dorms, highrises or while traveling. Its patent pending design makes it easy to slide on and off doors. Renters usually aren’t permitted to mount security cameras or basically anything outside of their apartments.The Doorbell Boa is designed to allow renters the ability to place a video doorbell system on their doors without damaging the landlord’s property. ​



SmokeBloq: the Ultimate Wireless Meat Thermometer! SmokeBloq uses proprietary, patent-pending technology to connect your cook to the Cloud. Follow your outdoor & indoor cooks from virtually anywhere on iOS & Android.

InMotion Albums

InMotion Albums

CES Innovation Award Winner! Finally, digital + print side by side. InMotion Albums are handcrafted with professional printed photography plus your videos and digital images displayed on the album’s embedded tablet that sync to each and every page. Your digital + print memories can now be showcased together like never before.

Dri Butts

DriButts Diapers (nonprofit)

The DriButts diaper was created to work in extreme environments with hot climates and where there is no running water or electricity. Our main focus is to prevent sickness and disease caused from uncontrolled fecal matter. The diaper is made to wash in a bucket with soap and water and hang up to dry quickly. The outer shell is made of dri-fit material, which is breathable. The insert is made of bamboo and another highly-absorbent material. It is folded in thirds and inserted into the pocket of the diaper.

LVL Shave

LVL Neck Groomer

Neck grooming is essential. The Ultra-Lightweight LVL Neck Groomer shaves the back of the neck for an easy, fresh, quick cleanup. Called one of the smartest and easiest to use products of 2020 by Mashable, the New York Post, and Askmen. This patent-pending product is safe, easy, and convenient to use.


Rescue BINER

A professional grade carabiner built to be there for you in the event of an auto accident. In those moments, seconds count. Inspired by first responders. Made to be used by anyone!

Team Spirit Hair

Team Spirit Hair Pom Pom

Team Spirit Hair provides a new and vibrant way to show your team spirit. Our materials are softer to the touch than traditional pom poms. The hair band tie allows for Team Spirit Hair to be used in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a traditional shaker, it can be added to backpacks, and unlike the traditional "stick" shaker, when you are done you can simply attach Team Spirit Hair to your belt loop or purse.

Nimbus 4

Nimbus4 Storm and Lightning Detector

The most advanced, real-time, site specific severe weather detection technology available today. Entropy develops technology and products to detect real-time lightning, severe weather and tornado conditions that provide a premium level of data to users and applications currently not available from other sources.


Topi-Click by DoseLogix

Topi-CLICK® by DoseLogix manufactures topical metered dosing applicators for human and veterinary patients that are accurate, easy-to-use and reliable. Topi-CLICK® is proven to be the most accurate topical metered dosing applicator compared to others tested in independent studies ​

Envi Heater

Envi Heater

Slim, safe, silent, and comfortable, the wall-mounted Envi Heater can deliver up to 50% savings on your heating bills as claimed by our customers!The Envi Heater is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, quiet, and saves on heating bills. It operates without moving parts and distributes air without the use of a fan. However, the envi is more efficient because of the 100% pure convection design that utilizes our new 'Stack Convection Technology'.

Stable the Table

Stable the Table

Stable the Table is a small family owned company that was started several years ago from an idea to solve wobbly tables after a visit to one of our family's favorite restaurants.


ULACE Fashion Laces

U-Lace was created to make lacing sneakers in multiple colors and patterns a quick and easy process; not to mention that when laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons. We see U-Lace as the paint; sneakers as the canvas, and you as the creative artist who takes our paint and uses it to create your awesomeness with your sneakers.