News: Product QuickStart Announces Partnership with Waveskate LLC to develop next generation surfboard / skateboard hybrid

Product QuickStart of Lawrenceville, Georgia has partnered with WaveSkate LLC of Wailuku, Hawaii, and with WeKnowBusiness of Atlanta, Georgia to bring the Waveskate product to the market.

WaveSkate, which was featured on CNBC’s program ‘Make me a Millionaire Inventor”, combines the fun of surfing and skating into a single, easily converted sports board. According to the company, “the Waveskate blends the essence of surfing, accessibility of skateboarding, and the carving speeds of snowboarding into one unstoppable fun machine.” Waveskate is the creation of professional skateboarder Yancey Meyer, surfing pioneer Matt Meola, and surf-enthusiast/business man Dennis Douglas.

The transition from skate to surf is made possible by the patented WaveSkate™ interface system. No tools are required! To detach a truck, simply hand-turn the knob counterclockwise to free the claws from the internal interface. When you’re ready to reattach the trucks, slide the claws into the interface and hand-turn the knob clockwise to tighten.

Product QuickStart was created by product development veterans Noah McNeely and Don Muntner. The company helps entrepreneurs and early stage companies take great product ideas through to launch and beyond. Offering strategic planning, product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing, the company has received widespread recognition for its committed focus on start-ups, inventor-entrepreneurs, and small companies.

A number of the Product QuickStart team’s previous clients have been funded on Shark Tank, while others have been recognized at major trade shows. One previous client was also the recipient of an innovation award at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

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